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Designed for Perfect Grilling

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Be the Pitmaster.

Dual damper system = precise heat control
The American Badass Grill comes with a dual damper system so you can control heat, the key to perfect grilling. Open the vents, let in more air and you’ll turn up the heat for fast grilling with a nice sear. Close the vents to lower heat for low and slow grilling.

The secret is in the keg shape
The high-domed keg shape creates a natural convection environment … just like you find in the high-end ceramic and competition grills. This design is the reason this portable grill packs the power!
And with 200 square inches of cook space, you can cook up to 12 burgers or 10 chicken breasts at once.

Cooking surface you can trust
The cooking grate is plated steel to provide the best cooking surface for your meat. Grills utilizing cast iron have a tendency to hold heat and can burn food during the process of smoking.

Kid Rock American Badass Grill Tailgating

Portable! Take the american badass grill anywhere you go

Make Grilling Great Again…with the American Badass Grill

American Badass Grill

Be The Pitmaster of Your Crew Today!

  • Great grill flavor wherever you go
  • Natural convection design for perfectly grilled food
  • 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee – Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Help support American jobs – get yours today!
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